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W. G. Grace Ate My Pedalo
W.G.Grace Ate My Pedalo - A curious cricket compendium by Tyers & Beach

Published by John Wisden & Company
An imprint of A & C Black Publishers Ltd.
36 Soho Square, London W1D 3QY
www.acblack.com and www.wisden.com


Sterling Pounds Nine and pence ninety nine only

A comedy cricket book of wit, intelligence and cheek, brought out by Alan Tyers and Beach, will appeal to cricket fans of all ages, be they members of the MCC or the Barmy Army. The writers look at the events and personalities of today's cricketing world through Victorian spectacles in this spoof Wisden periodical.

In facts about C.B.Fry, the book mentions - "Mr.C.B.Fry can perform astonishing feats of memory and has memorised the names and ages of every man living in Leicestershire, as well as most of the women, and a good portion of the farm animals." and "Mr. C.B.Fry is the possessor of the longest big toe in First class Cricket: his left. Curiously, his right big toe is of only median length."

In an article, Was this the finest series in the history of Test cricket?, it has been mentioned that the 1896 Ashes, in which England triumphed over Australia by a scoreline of 2-1, will be remembered as long as the game is played, not just for the quality of the Cricket, but the manner in which it was contested."

In this, typically, England took the example of their captain, W.G. At Old Trafford, the Australian opening bowler Harry Trott sent down a delivery that struck Dr. Grace plump on the front pad, before hitting his bat and crashing into the stumps, knocking over all three. The ball was then caught by the Australian wicketeeper, Kelly, who stumped Dr.Grace for good measure.

Undaunted, the never-say-die Gloucestershire medic set off for a single, at which Kelly threw down the stumps at the bowler's end, adding run-out to stumped, bowled, caught and leg before. After only 20 minutes of shouting and remonstrating furiously with the umpire, threatening to cancel the match and "have (this) friends in the Navy invade your Godforsaken litle country", W.G. walked off without a murmur, pausing only to hit deep fine leg with his shooting stick and personally fine the tourists 150 per cent of their match fees.

No doubt a continental or a footballer would have overreacted quite childishly. Such is the sportsmanship that sets the greatest game, and the Englishman, apart from the rest!"

W.G. Grace grants an interview to tell how he was "disgracefully well-refreshed" when he piloted his primitive pedalo into the Gulf of Aden.

Some of the comments received by this publicaton are:
"One of the wittiest and most original sporting books of this or any other year" - Cricinfo
"Wonderfully and authentically illustrated. It glories in its ribaldry" - The Observer
"This book is small, humorous and rather a beautiful thing with which to spend time" - 99.94
"This fantastic volume is the perfect companion to make you chuckle, no matter what is going on Down Under" - BarmyArmy.com
"A welcome and wacky addition to any cricket-lover’s library" - The Top Spin, Mail Online

Funny, irreverent and lavishly illustrated, W.G.Grace Ate My Pedalo is the most original cricket book of the last 114 years.