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The Cricket Tragic's - Book of Cricket Extras Volume 2
Marc Dawson

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The Cricket Tragic's Book of Cricket Extras - Volume 2 is another in the long line of remarkably researched 'products' from Marc Dawson. It could become the most popular and the high quality of the work is deserving of success.

In Volume 2 of this four-volume series you will find about the Indian batsman who posted three triple centuries in a month, the two first-class cricketers murdered by gunmen in the same year, the South African Test cricketer who played hockey for his country and also appeared at Wimbledon and the Australian Test cricketer who played a part in the TV mini-series Bodyline.

The pages within are crammed with a vast array of oddities the world over that will entertain and amuse sports enthusiasts of all ages. With every cricketing nation represented, you will be taken on the ultimate cricket tour.

With an abundance of statistical tables, celebrity 'Dream Teams', unusual photographs, stories and quotes from players and observers alike, The Cricket Tragic's Book of Cricket Extras, Volume 2 is a must have book for cricket and sports fans alike.

Some of the interesting facts mentioned in the Volume 2 are:

# Battling to save the second Test against Bangladesh at Chittgong in 2008-09, New Zealand skipper Daniel Vettori became the first player to post a half-century and bag four wickets in both innings of a Test. Only the third player to score two fifties and take eight or more wickets in a Test, Vettori took 5 for 59 and 4 for 74 and scored 55 not out and 76. Had he made another four runs in the second innings, Vettori would have become the first player to achieve the best figures with bat and ball in each innings of a Test match.

# Brian Lara's niece was abducted at gunpoint in a car-jacking incident in Trinidad and Toago in 2007. Adanna Lara was later found tied up and gagged in a locked room of a nearby abandoned house. Investigators said they believed the offenders were searching for cars to steal and when they discovered who she was, decided to kidnap her for ransom.

# Shivnarine Chanderpaul once shot a policeman in Guyana. The West Indies batsman had mistaken the officer for a burglar and was not charged.

# After taking 8 for 64 on his debut, South Africa's Lance Klusener was unable to achieve another five-wicket haul in his entire Test career. His next-best effort over his 49 Test matches, was the taking of 4 for 67 against Australia at Adelaide in 1997-98, and then 4 for 93 in his next match, against Pakistan in Johannesburg.

Lavishly and beauifully produced and illustrated, the volume 2 is an outstanding publication. What is most remarkable is that so much has been packed into the book, with everyting set out with such clarity of detail.

Cricket's library has been enriched by the appearnce of volume 1 & 2 of The Cricket Tragic's Book of Cricket Extras.

The Indian publishers interested in publishing this outstanding book in India and the other three volumes may get in touch with Denny Neave at denny@bigskypublishing.com.au