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11 Triumphs, Trials & Turbulence

11 Triumphs, Trials & Turbulence - Indian Cricket 2003-10
by Sanjay Jha

Published by:
Orient Publishing, a division of Vision Books Pvt. Ltd.
5A/8, Ansari Road,
New Delhi - 110002
Website : www.orientpaperbacks.com

Pages : 278

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11 Triumphs, Trials & Turbulence, according to Sanjay Jha, is "a collection of several new pieces and relevant essays that capture the key moments of a great Indian resurgence in the international arena beginning with the World Cup campaign of 2003. It is not typical cricket stuff with much statistical overload and standard match descriptions which are available on several internet archives. But what one has certainly tried to do is to question some obvious logical absurdities, colossal human failures, highlight great sporting endeavors and above all tried to expose the glaring institutional lacunas of its parent bodies, BCCI and the pusillanimous ICC.

"While I remain an eternal optimist, the truth is that the game of cricket faces it's most challenging dilemma as we enter a new decade."

The book contains so many glaring mistakes. Geoffrey Boycott is mentioned as Sir Geoffrey Boycott. Boycott has never received knighthood.

Both Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh were awarded Padma Shri and not Padma Vibhushan, as mentioned by Sanjay Jha in the book.

11 Triumphs, Trials & Turbulence traces the fast-paced epochal events in Indian cricket since 2003 ranging from the contentious years of Sourav Ganguly's captaincy to the extraordinary rise of an instinctive genius called Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Amazing triumphs, heart-breaking losses, new heroes, endless controversies, big-ticket cash, dark politics, a T20 World Cup win and IPL

If you want to know what goes behind the popular game of cricket, this is a book to be read by every cricket lover.