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The Toughest Tour - The Ashes Away Series Since The War

The Toughest Tour -
The Ashes Away Series Since The War

by Huw Turbervill -
Foreword by Scyld Berry

Published by:
Aurum Press Limited,
7 Greenland Street,
London NW1 OND
website: www.aurumpress.co.uk

Liz Somers (Publicity Manager Aurum Press)

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Sterling Pounds 16.99

Huw Tubervill looks back through history at some of the most unforgettable moments of England's tour Down Under. This excellent book is the culmination of many hours of labour by the author, albeit pleasurable ones.

Huw Turbervill has done an excellent job in summarising each of the sixteen Ashes series played in Australia since 1945 - as well as the extra non-Ashes Tests of 1979-80 - through the eyes of those who took part.

Scyld Berry, Cricket Correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph and Editor of Wisden Cricketers' Almanack remarks in his Foreword: "England versus Australia is the longest-running rivalry in team sport, and, of course, the best. This is a fine contribution to our understanding of it."

The author believes that "despite the demands of the Indian subcontinent, English cricketers have always found Australia the toughest tour. It is that uniue blend of hostile crowds, alien conditions, powerful, unflinching opponents and, at times, 'unhelpful' umpiring. So many of the world's greatest players, from Don Bradman to Shane Warne, Greg Chaappell to Glenn McGrath, and Steve Waugh to Dennis Lillee, have raised their games to defy England, obeying the instructions of cunning leaders, from Joe Darling to Warwick Armstrong, and Richie Benaud to Mark Taylor."

The fascinating volume is an enjoyable read.