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The Crucket Quiz Book
The Cricket Quiz Book

Compiled by : Adam Pearson, Alan Finch and Chris Cowlin

Foreword by : Dickie Bird MBE

Published by:
Apex Publishing Ltd.
P.O.Box 7086,
Clacton on Sea,
Essex CO15 5WN, England
Web: www.apexpublishing.co.uk

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Pages: 150

Price: Sterling Pounds Eight and Pence ninety nine

Who is the only bowler ever to claim four wickets in four balls in international cricket? Which pair of batsmen batted throughout two consecutive days of Test Cricket? Who was the broadcaster responsible for persuading Basil D'Oliveira to emigrate to England? Who was the first player to hit six sixes in a One Day International for South Africa in one over off the bowling of Daan van Bunge of the Netherlands in the 2007 Cricket World Cup?

The answers to these questions, and 1,000 more, can be found inside this informative book. Every page contains a themed quiz - from Grounds, Nicknames, One Day Internationals, Test Cricket, Cricket Rules, Umpires, Cricketing terms, World Cup and Cricket on TV and in Film.

The Cricket Quiz Book with a fitting foreword by Dickie Bird, contains a wealth of knowledge about the game, which is the second most popular sport in the world and has been an established team sport for centuries, with more than 100 cricket-playing nations now recgnised by the International Cricket Council.

Dickie Bird has remarked in his foreword: "My career in cricket has spanned many years, both as a player and then as an umpire, where I was fortunate enough to achieve every honour the game had to offer; of this I am immensely proud. From the playing fields of Barnsley to international cricket shrines across the world, my love of sport in general and cricket in particular has never faded.

Reflecting on my career in cricket, people often ask, "What is your proudest moment?" to which I always reply, "I am proud never to have forgotten my roots." My parents struggled to give me the best they could afford and for that I will always be grateful. When I retired from umpiring, I decided that I wanted to use my position in the middle eye to give something back and to help those young people who were in the financially disadvantaged position I had found myself. In my view, every child - regardless of their circumstances - should have the opportunity to take part in the sport of their choice, to get themselves fit and get away from the street corners and television. The Dickie Bird Foundation was, therefore, launched in 2004 and has since become the biggest part of my life."

Sterling pound one from every copy of the book sold will go to 'The Dickie Bird Foundation' Charity.

The excellent book is presented with care and attention to detail consistent with this publisher's high standards.

As one would expect from so distinguished a compiler, Chris Cowlin, there is a wealth of information covering every possible aspect of the game of cricket from players to umpires and national to international matches, together with all kinds of trivia, that makes the work an essential purchase for anyone interested in cricket.