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Spin Annual 2010 is a cricket annual of a different kind. What is most remarkable is that so much has been packed into a book of 104 pages, with everything set out with such clarity of detail.

The annual looks back at the cricket year in review and provides vital information to cricket enthusiasts in an attractive, colourful format on everything to do with the sport - including key pointers on international teams, features on leading players (past and present) and up-and-coming stars (both male and female); Top Tips on such subjects as coaching; new technology (the tiny bat vs the standard bat); and the best and worst moments of 2009. Focusing on the most important matches and tournaments of the international cricket year such as the ICC World Twenty20 2009, the book also features up-to-date and original analysis of the 2009 Ashes, looking at star players and unforgettable moments.

Darren Gough, retired in 2008, reflects on the art of reverse-swing, the delights of getting free golf clubs and the virtues of having a bit of ticker.

Brian Lara, the Prince of Trinidad, says "Roy Fredericks was my first batting hero. He was the opening batsman in the 70s. Left-handed like myself. Diminutive. Long-sleeved white shirt. He was my first role model and as I got a bit older and understood the game more I appreciated all the West Indies batsmen. Gordon Greenidge for his technique; Desmond Haynes for his fight; Viv Richards for his sheer dominance of the game, the way he was so intimidating. So I learned to take something from everyone and mould them into my own game."

Established in 2005, Spin is the only independent cricket magazine in existence; it is published monthly. Aimed at real cricket fans, Spin celebrates the sport through in-depth analysis; star columnists; original photography; Hawkeye; Graham Thorpe and a reader-friendly style of presentation that allows both new fans and diehards to share the Spin team's love of cricket equally.

The Cricket enthusiasts would love to go through the interviews with Shane Warne, Sachin Tendulkar, Stuart Broad and Geoff Miller.

Have England ever been the best team in the world?
A look at the statistics reveals that England have only been the world's No.1 Test team four times in the last 100 years.

In an article, How The Ashes were won, cricket enthusiasts have been informed that England survived Cardif and cameback from the humiliation of Leeds to take back the Ashes at The Oval in a thrilling echo of 2005. SPIN relives 47 full-on days inside the Ashes bubble.

SPIN ANNUAL 2010 has been painstakingly researched and lovingly compiled. The photographs are superb.