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Sachin - 501 Things You Didn't Know About The Master Blaster by Suvam Pal

Sachin - 501 Things You Didn't Know About The Master Blaster
by Suvam Pal

Foreword by : Boria Majumdar

Published by:
Harper Collins Publishers India (a joint venture with The India Today Group)
A-53, Sector 57, Noida 201301, India
website: www.harpercollins.co.in

Pages: 145

Price: Rs.175/-

Suvam Pal, a Mumbai-based senior sports journalist is an avid quizzer. A media professional for the last nine years, Suvam has been a semi-finalist on two shows on BBC World: Mastermind India and University Challenge.

The book is a delightfully interesting and compelling read from start to finish. If you want to know anything about Sachin Tendulkar, then you must get hold of a copy of this fascinating book. The book provides a wide spectrum of interesting information and lesser-known facts about India's biggest sporting icon.

Sachin - 501 Things You Didn't Know About The Master Blaster is the first book of its kind and is full of interesting nuggets of information about Sachin Tendulkar. Apart from quizzing you about Sachin's unique feats, this superb publication has delicious teasers that are bound to tie you up in knots. Some of the brain ticklers are:

Which debutant took Sachin's wicket in both innings of the Test between India an Zimbabwe at the Harare Sports club in 1998? During the 1999 World Cup, which Indian Bank, in a joint project with Societe Generale launched a world Cup limited edition commemorative 24-carat gold medallion with Sachin's face on it? Which company inked a staggering Rs.100 crore deal for five years with Sachin to make him the world's first billionaire cricketer in the year 2001?

The writer informs that when Sachin scored his historic ODI double ton, he surpassed Pakistan's opening great Saeed Anwar's innings of 194. Interestingly, there was an inatance when the due opened the batting together. The occasion came when a combined team of Indian and Pakistan cricketers went to play a solidarity game against Sri Lanka after the West Indies and Australia refused to play in the island nation during the 1996 Wills World Cup.

During the days of his courtship, Sachin once went in disguise to a Mumbai theatre to watch Mani Ratnam's Roja with future wife Anjali. To make sure nobody recognised him, he sported a beard and a pair of spectacles. However, there was a disaster in store for the Little Master since he was recognised by fellow movie watchers when, during the interval, he inadvertently dropped his glasses. The couple had to leave the hall midway through the film.

Very thoroughly researchd and immensely readable, this informative account of one of the greatest batsmen in cricket history, deserves to be widely read.

We are thankful to Ms.Ayushi Srivastava, Marketing Assistant, HarperCollins Publishers India for sending the review copy of the book for our website.