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Sach by Gautam Bhattacharya

Sach by Gautam Bhattacharya

Foreword by Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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Gautam Bhattacharya's book is the best among all other cricket books written on Sachin Tendulkar. This excellent publication is all about Sachin, who despite rising from a middle-class family, earnestly chased his dreams and in the process, became a global symbol of excellence.

Gautam's extraordinary effort to interview a wide array of eminent personalities, eighty three in all, is commendable. The twelve chapters, accompanied by rare photographs, most of them by Pradeep Mandhani, make an interesting read.

The forty well-compiled questions answered by Tendulkar and the foreword by Mahendra Singh Dhoni are some of the most readable portions of this outstanding publication. In replying to one of the questions, Sachin says he gets inspired by different sources. "Inspired seeing the passion in some of the greats. Dev Anand - I admire his energy. In his youth, apparently my father looked like him from certain angles. Then the Mangeshkar sisters, Lataji and Ashaji. And of course, Mr.Bachchan. May be because these people are all from Mumbai, I meet them more than others."

Cricket enthusiasts would find lot of information which was never heard before e.g. Greg Chappell, former Indian coach, wanted Sachin out of the team, as disclosed by Dilip Vengsarkar. "Chappell wanted to get rid of Sachin. But his game plan failed".

Not many cricket lovers would know that the first time Sachin rubbed shoulders with the 'big boys' on the field, he represented Pakistan. When Imran Khan's Pakistan XI took on the Cricket Club of India Golden Jubilee XI at the Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai in 1987-88, Sachin was kept as a substitute fielder at the deep.

According to Gautam, SACH is all about modern India's greatest living icon who, incidentally, pursues cricket. For someone with such an awesome record and impact, you would expect tonnes of cricketing literature to be available on him Heaps of books! Yet there are only five or six.

Gautam believes "we will never see anyone like him again. Nor will the future generation in all probability see such a once-in-a-century phenomenon. I consider it a social responsibility to share the Sachin memories and pass them on. Why shouldn't we celebrate our good fortune? We have been privileged. We should flaunt it. After all, we have a Tendulkar! Happy reading!.

This book is titled SACH not because the Kumbles and the Gangulys address him thus. This word carries a double meaning. SACH means reality and truth in Hindi. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is not a midsummer night's dream. He is not a myth. Or a fairy tale. He does exist in flesh and blood in our times. That, in short, is Sach...

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has paid a rich tribute to Sachin Tendulkar in his candid Foreword: Most people who admire Sachin only see the successful part of him...I wish they had an opportunity to see the other side too. They would see with how much care and intensity he prepares himself each day even after 22 years. No wonder we call him the God of Cricket. I often think that if cricket is Ram, then Sachin is Hanuman, Ram's biggest disciple. I will say he is as close to the idea of a perfect man that I have ever seen...'

Sach is a beautiful book that deserves to be read by all Indian cricket enthusiasts and of course, for the love of Sachin Tendulkar. Nearly every single prominent personality has to say something for Tendulkar. Bhattacharya captures those moments in the form of brief interviews.

SACH is a rich collection of anecdotes about Sachin Tendulkar, the God of Cricket, his fellow cricketers as well as his family members. Some of these are oft-repeated, while many are fresh and rare. Yet, they are all quite interesting ones. Some are inspiring too.