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Cricket Quirky Cricket
Cricket Quirky Cricket
By Kersi Meher-Homji
Foreword by Geoff "Henry" Lawson

Published by:
The Cricket Publishing Company
Post Office Box W27
West Pennant Hills, NSW 2125, Australia
Website : www.cricketpublish.com
Email: Kersi Meher Homji (kersi5@bigpond.com)

Price : Rs.1,000 (including postage and handling

Cricket Quirky Cricket by Kersi Meher-Homji, features oddities in Test, first-class, one-dayers and minor cricket.

Delightfully produced book, Cricket Quirky Cricket has something of interest for every cricket enthusiast. The painstaking research involved in compiling the facts is commendable and the book should have a place on our shelves.

In a chapter on Oddities, Kersi Meher-Homji believes "July is a good month to be born in if you want to be a record breaker in cricket. Look at the names, W.G.Grace, Garry Sobers, Geoff Boycott, Sunil Gavaskar, Richard Hadlee, Ian Botham and Dennis Lillee. Coincidentally, W.G. Grace and Lillee were born on the same date (July 18) but 101 years apart."

In the World Cup Trivia section, Kersi mentions "Against Australia in the quarteer-final (in 2011), India's Gautam Gambhir narrowly escaped getting run-out twice but was run out off the third successive ball. It was musical comedy at its best!

Netherlands literally ran out of luck against Ireland - losing their last four wickets for 0 runs in four balls, all four batsmen Atse Burrman, Mudassar Bukhari, Pieter Seelaar and Adeel Raja getting run-out, a unique hat-trick!"

Cricket Quirky Cricket is the thirteenth book on cricket by Kersi Meher-Homji. At present, he writes for Australian publications Inside Cricket, Inside Sport and Hill Chatter and also for Mid-Day (India) and is the sports editor of The Indian Down Under (Australia).

Kersi's previous famous titles include Famous Cricketing Families, Out for a Duck, Six Appeal, The Nervous Nineties, Dramatic Debuts and Swansongs and the bestsellers The Waugh Twins and Cricket's Great All-rounders.

A research scientist in Virology, Kersi comes from a family of cricketers. His uncle played Test cricket for India in 1936 and a grand uncle toured England with an All India team in 1911.

This slim-line, 98-page book is both pleasingly designed and reasonably priced.