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Lord's Firsts
Lord's Firsts - 200 Years of Making History at Lord's Cricket Ground
Philip Barker - Foreword by Imran Khan

Published by
Amberley Publishing
The Hill Stroud, Surrey
Gloucestershire GL5 4EP, UK
Website: www.amberley-books.com

UK Publicity Assistant Amy Greaves

Pages: 224

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Lord's Cricket Ground, referred to by many as the 'home of cricket' has become a Mecca for cricket fans the world over. Lord's is steeped in cricketing and sporting history. The year 2014 will mark 200 years since Thomas Lord rolled up the turf at the previous grounds and set them down on today's site, which has become the most revered cricketing arena in the world.

The history of the ground is related in Lord's Firsts, a series of sporting firsts including the longest running rivalry in cricket - Eton vs Harrow, the first Varsity match of 1827, the earlier Test cricket at Lord's in 1884, the first Sunday League match, the first one-day international and the only time a batsman cleared the pavilion. Other sporting events are also touched on, such as baseball during the First World War and the 2012 Olympics.

In a chapter, namely, Olympian Firsts, we are informed that Lord's Cricket Ground became very familiar to the 'Olympic Family' when London announced its bid for the 2011 Games, but in fact, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) first visited the ground over a century earlier, and leading MCC personalities played a critical role in organising the first London Olympics.

Recollecting the 1982 Lord's Test, Imran Khan, former Pakistan Test captain, remarked in his Foreword: "The weather was much better in 1982 as Pakistan recorded their first Test win at Lord's. We were inspired by a wonderful double century from Mohsin Khan, and Mudassar Nazar bowled the spell of his life to set up the victory. I was proud to lead the team and the memories will last a lifetime."

Giving credit to Thomas Lord, Imran commented: "Now Lord's celebrates another anniversary. The game itself has changed much since the pioneering days of Thomas Lord, who established his ground in Marylebone, then twice rolled up the turf before installing it on the present site in 1814".

Very thoroughly researched and immensely readable, Lord's Firsts is recommended to cricket enthusiasts without the slightest hesitation.

This is a fascinating book, having excellent photographs and pleasantly produced.