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The Future of Cricket

The Future of Cricket
by John Buchanan

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Former Australian coach, John Buchanan, in this frank and entertaining book, offers his predictions about the evolution of the game, rising stars to watch and new innovations for play.

In a chapter, Shane Warne and Me, Buchanan has clarified: "One of the questions most frequently asked of me concerns my relationship with Australian Test great Shane Warne, who coached Rajasthan to victory in the inaugutral IPL tournament.

"I think the perception people have is that Shane Warne and I were always in debate, disagreeing with each other's approach to cricket, always in conflict during our time together in the Australian squad. And to some extent that is true. We have different approches to the game. I believe in analysis, he believes in keeping things simple."

However, as a bowler, Buchanan is full of praise for Wanre: "He was so extraordinary at his leg-spin craft that he made it difficult for young leggies in Australia even around the world - because every captain now expects their leg-spinnes to have Warne's variety, to land their variety on the spot, and to maintain incredible economy rates while taking a lot of wickets. Warne had the ability at Test level to come on and make an immediate impact, a knack few other cricketers have possessed."

India is in a strong position to be a significant influence on the ICC Board, according to Buchanan. "It is so important that the IPL continues to flourish, in India. It is the flagship of India's prominence both in world cricket and in the greater world at large. The IPL is something India is proud to show the rest of the world, over and above what it does internally, and the government will do everything it can to protect it."

Buchanan says Twenty20 cricket, a format that began as a desperate means to attract more people to domestic cricket in England, has exploded into a global phenomenon involving billions of dollars. If money talks, cricket is making iself heard.

Along with providing behind-the-scenes look at the success, Buchanan shares his secrets and details behind the extraordinary wins. He has taken potshots at not only at Sachin Tendulkar and Sunil Gavaskar, but at many other present and former cricketers.

The book gives a detailed insider's account of the development and launch of the tournament that has already changed international cricket forever.