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Following On

Following On - A year with English cricket's golden boys
by David Tossell

Published by:
Know the Score Books 2010 - an imprint of Pitch Publishing
A2, Yeoman Gate, Yeoman Way
Durrington BN13 3QZ
E-mail : info@pitchpublishing.co.uk
Website : www.pitchpublishing.co.uk

Pages : 240

Price :
Sterling Pounds Fourteen and Pence Ninety Nine only

Following on by David Tossell has been nominated for the Cricket Society Book of the Year. The book tells the stories of the fourteen 1998 Under-19 World Cup winners against the backdrop of a historic year (2009) for their support.

Discussing the fortunes of the players in England's victorious Under-19 World Cup team, David Tossell says, "it is tempting to say that those who did not achieve rewarding professional careers were those held back by issues of the mind rather than technique. Mental factors are, after all, greater in cricket than many other sports because of the slow pace of the game and the time available for participants to brood and think about the next ball, the next shot, rather than being carried along by the more instinctive, continuous flow of, say, football."

There are Ashes heroics, clashes with county committees, fall-outs with selectors and even a campaign of death threats. The result is a fascinating insight into the cricketing profession, offered through those who were once the England game's golden generation.

David Tossell provides an intriguing, in-depth insight into the state of English cricket, examining every aspect of the game from Test and county cricket to Minor counties and club cricket.

Tossell's biography of Bertie Mee, his studies of West Indies cricket (Grovel!) and his portrait of the 1970s Welsh rugby team (Nobody Beats Us) were nominated for the British Sports Book Awards, while his biography of Malcolm Allison received wide acclaim.

This open, thoughtful book will stay in the memory long and the players’ stories are told with sympathy and clarity.

Congratulations to David Tossell for his diligent research and congratulations as well to Pitch Publishing for supporting his work and producing such an attractive volume. The twenty one chapters are lavishly supported by some excellent photographs, in both black and white, and colour.