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Cricket On This Day

Cricket On This Day
History, Facts & Figures from Every Day of the Year - Paul Donnelley
Foreword by Dickie Bird MBE

Published by Pitch Publishing Ltd.
A2, Yeoman Gate, Yeoman Way,
Durrington BN13 3QZ
website: http://www.pitchpublishing.co.uk
E-mail: info@pitchpublishing.co.uk

Pages : 208

Price :
Sterling Pounds Nine and Pence Ninety Nine only

Cricket On This Day is crammed with cricket stories, tales and trivia, including Who was the first man to be knighted for services to cricket? Who was the first player to be capped by three different counties? Which wicketkeeper walked on 97 and never made a Test century? Who was the cricketer murdered by his mistress after he tried to end their affair? Who was the fast bowler who when batting would suck a lemon between strokes and spit in the wicketkeeper's eyes if he thought the appeal unjustified?

Cricket On This Day is an excellent book, chronicling the major events in the cricket history. With individual entries for every day of the year, it takes a daily look at the world of leather on willow.

Cricket On This Day features all the biggest names in cricket, including Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar - their triumphs and their disasters, their successes and their near misses.

Dickie Bird is full of praise for the book in his Foreword: "During my cricketing career I have read many, many books about the sport. A lot of the facts and comments in these books tend to repeat themselves. It is refreshing to find a book that gives readers some of the little known facts, with an interesting twist that I am sure many quiz experts will fall upon and use. We can all relate to many interesting facts on cricket, games, players, grounds and things we have seen that are both serious and comical."

Paul Donnelley, in the introductory chapter says: "Cricket encompasses every aspect of the human condition. In this book you will read tales of sporting excellence, bravery, jealousy and derring do on and off the square. Cricketers have fought and died in the battlefields of the First and Second World Wars as well as losing their lives in 9/11 and the Bali bombs - a gentleman in white flannels is even a prime suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders. Cricketers have been murdered on golf courses and in the homes of madwomen. They have come under terrorist attack on the way to a Test ground. They have committed suicide because of financial and mental problems. In fact there is virtually no area of the human condition that a cricketer has not participated in. This small book is not intended to be a history of cricket but it will hopefully find favour with cricket fans young and old as they dip into stories about cricketers past and present. The book can be read in one sitting or dipped into at will or even used as a quiz book during the lunch or tea intervals or those interminable times in English summers when bad light or rain stops play."

This attractively produced volume is clearly a labour of love from one of the keenest collectors in this field. Indispensable reference book.