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Cricket Manual
Cricket Manual - The Official Guide to Playing The Game by Andy Tennant - Foreword by Michael Vaughan

Published by:
Haynes Publishing
Sparkford, Yeovil
Somerset BA22 7JJ, UK

Website www.haynes.co.uk

Sales Office Manager: Toni Fillery
Email: tfillery@haynes.co.uk

The Haynes Cricket Manual is a fabulous publication - an exciting and inspirational new manual that no cricketer or cricket enthusist should be without.

Created in collaboration with the England and Wales Cricket Board and written by a top coach, the Haynes Cricket Manual is packed with practical information and expert guidance on everything you need to know about playing this wonderful game.

In the first chapter, namely, Cricket in the 21st century, Andy Tennant says: "The globalisation of cricket has gathered pace significantly over the past ten years and there is likely now to be a period of consolidation, to raise the standard and infrastructure for cricket in many of these fledging regions."

In a chapter, namely, Fast, Seam nd Swing Bowling, Andy Tennant believes Reverse swing is a devastating weapon in a pace bowler's armoury due to the late and prodigious amount of swing it tends to produce

In another chapter. we are taught how to bowl different deliveries e.g. seamer, bouncer, yorker, off-cutter, leg-cutter, out-swinger, in-swinger, reverse swing and slower balls.

The book is designed to be useful and appealing to all levels of player, from youngsters who are just starting out to dedicated cricketers looking to sharpen their skills.

All instructional information is presented in a logical and clear way, and provides a firm grounding in technique and best practice for the many different aspects of batting, bowling, fielding, wicketkeeping, captaincy and coaching. Carefully chosen photographs (showing a range of England players), diagrams and drawings complement the user-friendly text.

A foreword by Michael Vaughan, former England Captain, compliments the book warmly: ‘As a young player I was always looking for ways to learn more about cricket and striving to improve my game in any way that I could. The Haynes Cricket Manual is designed to help enthusiasts young and old to learn about the many different aspects of the game.

It is a ‘must-read’ for all aspiring young cricketers who are striving, as I did, to make the most of their talent.’

A four-page well-compiled Glossary section is the highlight of the Book.

A quality production indeed! The book is worthy, reliable and informative. Andy Tennant is a writer with the subject close to his heart who has personally seen much of the cricket which he describes so feelingly.