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Australian Autopsy

Australian Autopsy
by Jarrod Kimber

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Pitch Publishing Ltd.,
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Durrington BN13 3QZ
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Australian Autopsy, based on true events, is the gory details of how England dissected Australia in the 2010-11 Ashes.

Jarrod Kimber, using his unique brand of dry humour, tells the story of the events of the winter 2010-11 series and England's record breaking 3-1 triumph Down Under.

Kimber travels around his homeland staying in flea-bitten motels, getting whispered at by Cricket Australia officials and bonding in a beautiful bromance with ellow cricket writer Sam Collins.

Australian Autopsy is an entertaining and fascinating book in which events, statistics and comments all find an appropriate place.

According to the author, "Australian cricket is struggling. And it's been struggling for ten years. Forget on the field, I'm talking in the schoolyards and on TV. People weren't watching it as much as they used to. James Sutherland, Cricket Australia's CEO, has had about ten years to do something, but he and his cronies have not got it right. Now England were out-professionalising them. Something was terribly wrong. Perhaps Australian cricket should take the power back. Instead of spending all their time making sure their players and officials used just the right corporate bullshit speak, they should be encouraged to be honest."