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Ashes 2011

Ashes 2011
by Gideon Haigh

Published by:
Aurum Press Limited,
7 Greenland Street,
London NW1 OND
website: www.aurumpress.co.uk

Liz Somers (Publicity Manager Aurum Press)

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Price Sterling Pounds 12.99

Having written three prevous books on Ashes series for Aurum - Ashes 2005, Downed Under: the Ashes in Australia 2006-07 and The Ultimate Test: The Story of the 2009 Ashes Series, Gideon Haigh has brought out his latest book, namely, Ashes 2011 - England's record-breaking series victory.

The book to celebrate England's record-breaking Ashes victory in Australia in January 2011 reminds followers of the game why Test cricket is still the game for the cricket connoisseur and why Australia vs. England is the finest vintage of all.

Before the commencement of the series, most people had given England a modest chance of success. Some, like Glenn McGrath, insisted that history would repeat itself and Australia would admiister another 5-0 whitewash. What no one anticipated was that the 2010-11 Ashes Tests would see one of the most complete performances ever by an England touring side and the first Ashes victory on Australian soil for 24 years, with, uniquely, three innings victories.

The book is a collection of Haigh's columns and articles. "It interleaves the daily match reports I wrote for Business Spectator, and the daily columns I composed for The Times. They are unaltered from the form in which they were sent, so you can see when my forecasts were awry, often enough, as well as right, just occasionally, albeit probably by accident."

According to The Wisden Cricketer, the book is the most comprehensive and thoughtful review of the Ashes possible.

A comprehensive, clearly set out and accurate account of the 2010-11 Ashes series. The book deserves to be bought, read and pondered