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The Bournvita Quiz Contest - Collector's Edition - Volume 1
The Bournvita Quiz Contest - Collector's Edition - Volume 1
Derek O'Brien

Published in Puffin Books by Penguin Random House India 2019

ISBN: 9780143447009

Price: Rs.299

Pages: 339

Website: www.penguin.co.in

Derek O'Brien, who is an author, television personality, public speaker, politician and quiz master, has brought out his latest book The Bournvita Quiz Contest - Collector's Edition - Volume 1

Commenced as a radio programme in 1972, the award-winning Bournvita Quiz Contest got shifted to television in the 1990s. During the last 25 years, the programme has been hosted by Asia's best known quiz master, Derek O'Brien.

This definitive edition comprises a selection of the best Questions and Answers from the iconic children's show. Featuring 1000 questions, carefully curated from the exhaustive twenty-year-old archives, this book is dotted with heartening anecdotes, fun trivia and thoughtful essays by people who worked on this much-loved show.

Fifty four chapters, including Art and culture, chemistry, computers and the internet, famous women, politics, scientists, sports, world geography, world history, international films, mountains and hills, physics, music and so many other chapters feature in this splendid publication.

The inimitable Ameen Sayani, who had hosted the Bournvita Quiz Contest before the same shifted to television, has been paid a rich tribute in a special chapter by the author: "His was the voice that not just entertained people but also unified the nation - breaking the barriers of region, language, religion and culture. At a time when most broadcasters used formal language and a serious style of delivery, Ameen Sayani used colloquial language and an informal presentation technique. His affable manner and gripping voice endeared him to the masses."

Derek O'Brien believes over the years, Ameen Sayani has been associated with over 54,000 programmes and 19,000 jingles. Even today, he is one of the most imitated announcers. He lives in Mumbai and leads a quiet life.

A chapter on cricket has interesting and informative questions, namely, a yorker is a delivery that is pitched between the bat and the legs of a batsman. How did it get its name? In cricketing slang, what is sometimes referred to as a 'brain bucket'?

An excellent publication indeed!