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The Classic Guide to Cricket
The Classic Guide to Cricket
by W.G.Grace

Published by
Amberley Publishing
The Hill Stroud, Surrey
Gloucestershire GL5 4EP, UK
Website: www.amberley-books.com

UK Publicity Assistant Amy Greaves

Pages: 224

Price: Sterling Pounds 9.99 only

Often described as the greatest cricketer of all time, W.G.Grace commenced his long career in 1865, and is said to have revolutionised the sport.

The last two decades before the First World War have been called the 'Golden Age of Cricket', and the period produced some great players and memorable matches, especially as organised competition and county and Test level developed.

Amberley Publishing must be congratulated on reproducing this most entertaining book, providing readers an insight and comparison to how cricket was played just before the Golden Age and when county cricket commenced and started to flourish.
The book is one of the series of Classic Guides to Sports, including Tennis, Golf, Football and Sailing.

In The Classic Guide to Cricket, W.G.Grace relates his personal experience of the sport and its history, and instructs the budding cricketer in the Spirit of the Game.

Commencing with a history of the game dating back to 1300, W.G.Grace writes about his family as well. My father died in the year 1871. He had lived to see his sons grown to manhood's years, taking part in the duties of life, and occupying a high position in the game he loved so dearly. His last effort was to establish the Gloucestershire County Club on a sound basis, which he was successful in doing in the year 1870.

My mother remained among us thirteen years longer, and was present in every county match at Clifton College. She took great interest in cricket all round the neighbourhood, and treasured every telegram and report of our doings."

In his outstanding career, W.G.Grace had amassed 54,211 runs, including 124 centuries, at an average of 39.45 in 870 first-class matches apart from capturing 2809 wickets at 18.14 runs apiece and taking 876 catches.

This well-written book is a superb publication.