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Richie Benaud

Those Summers of Cricket - Richie Benaud - 1930-2015

Published by Hardie Grant Books.
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ISBN 9781 743790977

Those Summers of Cricket - Richie Benaud - is a lavish publication worth every penny for its 190 pages.  Everything about the book is splendid - the colour photography, the layout, the clear font.

This anthology celebrates Richie Benaud - the player, the captain, the Journalist, the commentator - and his game-changing work behind the scenes of World Series Cricket.  He had a distinguished career as an all-rounder.  Since his retirement from cricket, he had achieved great distinction in other more important fields. 

Having watched more than 500 Test matches, he had become a key figure in the World Series revolution and a champion of innovations such as technological advances and shorter-form cricket.

The book, thoroughly researched and immensely readable, includes a range of remembrances from fellow cricketers, commentators and journalists.  Most of the photos used in the book are priceless.


Those Summers of Cricket: Richie Benaud 1030-2015 is an outstanding publication, offering a glimpse into the life of one of cricket's most beloved identities, from his youth in Jugiong and western Sydney, to his selection into the Australian cricket team and beyond.

Featuring Ian Chappell, Dennis Lillee, Alan Davidson, Greg Chappell, John Benaud, Gideon Haigh and Malcolm Knox, among many others, this superb collection is a warm and colourful tribute to a life well-lived.  The many contributions bring his life into sharp focus for the many generations who only know him as the 'voice' of cricket.

Greg Chappell is full of praise for Richie Benaud as a commentator: "Having learnt his commentary on BBC TV, Richie was economic with words and sharp in his observations.  A few generations of commentators have learnt from watching the Master at work.  He was the voice of the summer in two countries for many years, as he followed the sun from Australia to England, and, back again.

He led a very full and interesting life, with cricket as the backdrop for most of it.  He enriched the game with his love and his knowledge and graced it by never looking backwards and lamenting the past or the changes.  He always looked for the positives in the game, and in those who played it."

In a Tributes' chapter, Graeme Smith remarked: "I grew up with his voice in my ears.  On my first trip to Australia he was the man I was most nervous to meet.". The other tributes being - Mike Atherton: "For the pleasure he gave as a great player ad a wonderful commentator, and the kindness and consideration he showed to this young commentator trying to make his way in the game, a belated thank you.".  Sir Ian Botham: "World Cricket will miss one of the greats, Richie Benaud. On the field, in the commentary box and on the golf course!  An iconic gentleman."

The book published by Hardie Grant Books is a quality production. Binding, paper, splendid print - indeed, the whole presentation - are of a very high order.  The publication is a welcome addition to the library of any true cricket lover interested in the career of Richie Benaud.