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Real International Cricket
Real International Cricket - A History in One Hundred Scorecards by Roy Morgan

Published by Pitch Publishing Ltd.
A2 Yeoman Gate, Yeoman Way, Worthing, Sussex BN13 3QZ

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Paperback 280 Pages
RRP: Sterling Pounds 12.99
ISBN 978 178531 1406

Real International Cricket charts cricket's global evolution across the last 175 years and shows how the standards of individual countries have risen and fallen over time.
Roy Morgan's excellent book has a brief introduction, followed by a strictly chronological order from 1840. The chapters in the book include the early years to 1890, the golden age 1890-1914, consolidation versus decline 1915-1939, the shoots of recovery 1941-1959, touring attractions 1960-1979, globalisation 1980-1999, the struggle for multi-innings cricket, one-day wonders, the short game and retrospect and prospect.
The book examines the relative roles of expatriates and local cricketers and the parts played by a number of enthusiastic individuals, particularly those who have represented two or more countries internationally.
Roy Morgan says with the number of scorecards limited to 100, it is impossible to include every country in the world where cricket either is or has been played. To partially offset this exclusivity, the Appendix lists all countries that have played international cricket and are not Full Members of the ICC, together with some key dates in their cricket history. The majority of the scorecards are for international matches between countries which are Associate or Affiliate Members of the ICC.
Outstanding individual and team performances are noted, as well as curiosities, like the umpire who officiated from a chair and was upended when struck by the ball; the team which followed on, despite having a first-innings lead; and the use of a shaman to keep the rain away.
Each scorecard is accompanied by a match report, setting each match in an historical context. Tracing changes in the atmosphere, the size of the crowds, the style of hospitality, methods of transport, how the standards have risen or fallen over time, and the increasing importance of women's internationals.
Roy Morgan's other books include the Encyclopaedia of World Cricket and The ICC Intercontinental Cup. He has also edited and written several books in his professional field of soil erosion and conservation. He is an Emeritus Professor of Cranfield University, from where he retired in 2004.