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Australian Cricket Digest 2013-14
Australian Cricket Digest 2013-14 - Volume Two
-Edited by Lawrie Colliver

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Pages: 312

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The first edition of the Australian Cricket Digest had got rave reviews. The second edition, just brought out, is a superb publication and beautifully designed.

Michael Clarke and Ryan Harris have been named as Players of the Year. Clarke is a world class batsman, according to Lawrie Colliver. "Australian skipper Michael Clarke faced some very tough challenges in the last twelve months, and while his batting form was excellent for the majority of that period, the team slipped significantly under his captaincy, losing three key series. Australia were beaten at home by South Africa and away by India and England, which has seen the teams ranking slip to fourth.
Fitness wise, it was a real battle for Clarke, who had back and hamstring issues which needed constant managing. How much longer he can stay fit enough to play at this level remains to be seen. He is still a class player and despite some issues facing the short ball during the Ashes, is still a world class batsman."

According to the Australian Cricket Digest 2013-14, England secured their third successive Ashes series win against Australia by playing the better cricket at the crucial moments.

Lawrie Colliver has shown his concern with regard to the poor standard of umpiring in the last Ashes series. "It is not easy to find a solution to the poor standard of officiating which marred the series. Given the majority of the best umpires currently on the Test panel are either English or Australian, maybe the best result would be to have one of each nationality officiating in Ashes Tests. It's possible that if Ian Gould was working with Steve Davis, or Richard Kettleborough and Bruce Oxenford were paired together that there wouldn't be a problem."

In his Editorial notes, Colliver remarked: "The Ashes series certainly put the third umpire under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In each of the first three Tests, the television umpire appeared to make obvious errors. The stumping decision that saved Ashton Agar at Nottingham appeared wrong, as did the Usman Khawaja slip 'catch' at Manchester. Steve Smith looked like he took a clear catch at Lord's, but that wasn't given either."

Apart from the international series played by Australia, domestic cricket has been covered in detail. Records section compiled by Ric Finlay contains overall Test and ODI records, Australia vs England Test, ODI and Twenty20 cricket.

A quality product, deserving 100% marks for production, designing, formatting and lay-out of scorecards, the Australian Cricket Digest 2013-14 fills an important gap in the shelves of Australian Cricket history