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Another Somerset Century
Another Somerset Century
by Charles Wood

Published by Halsgrove, Halsgrove House
Ryelands Business Park, Bagley Road,
Wellington, Somerset TA21 9PZ, England

website: www.halsgrove.com
Email: sales@halsgrove.com Pages 168

Price: Sterling Pounds Twelve and Paise Ninety Nine.

ISBN 978 0 85704 214 9

Another Somerset Century is truly a remarkable book which makes easy and delightful reading. Charles Wood's infectious love of the game is quite evident and we are grateful to him that he has produced such a memorable and different book.

An author of eight books, including Bats, Pads and Cider - a Miscellany of Somerset Cricket, published in 2010, Charles Wood, before turning to writing, was a documentary film-maker and also worked as a cameraman for BBC and ITV news.

In the age where scorers use laptops, West Country cricket can be excitingly gut wrenching in the hunt for silverware. That said, how Somerset County Cricket Club became one of the top four domestic teams in the world and the agonies involved in the journey is a story worth telling.

Throughout Somerset's adventures, the author did his best to follow, observe, keep his humour and make scribblings in his precious Moleskine notebook. And having been given directions from cricketing legends Keith Parsons and Steffan Jones, this is the story of Another Somerset Century and a few extras besides.

The book is handsomely produced and economically priced. This is a most entertaining book and I would wholeheartedly encourage everyone to go through the same. There is so much of interest within this book.