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A Century of Cricket Tests - 100 of the greatest Tests ever played
A Century of Cricket Tests - 100 of the greatest Tests ever played
by Liam Hauser

Publisher: New Holland Publishers Pty. Ltd.
The Chandlery Unit 704 50 West Minster Bridge Road,
London SE1 7QY United Kingdom

Web: www.newhollandpublishers.com

Publicity Co-ordinator: Christine King, Email id: cking@nhpub.co.uk

ISBN: 9781742572840
Pages: 368
Price: Sterling Pounds 19.99/-

A Century of Cricket Tests is a unique publication and delves into the long and remarkable history of Test Cricket to highlight 100 of the best Test matches ever contested. Featuring incredible turnarounds, intense rivalries and stunning performances, this outstanding book features narratives that give a fascinating insight into how the game has changed over the years as well as depicting the unforgettable moments that have made Test Cricket so popular for more than 135 years.

Liam Hauser has remarked in his introductory chapter: "When asked to put together a compilation of 100 classic Tests. there were certain criteria I had to use. The ancient Test-playing nations - England and Australia - were to be strongly featured, but other nations would also be included. Another key aspect was that no more than one Test in one series could be covered. This has ensured that some worthy Tests have been omitted due to another classic Test in the same series being featured. Whilst many individual cricket achievements and feats stick in people's minds, whether it be the heroics of cricketing icons such as Don Bradman, Jim Laker, Shane Warne, Richard Hadlee or Brian Lara, this book focuses on great matches. All 100 in this list were hard-fought, and many were decided by a very small margin. Others were a lot closer than the margin might suggest."

The author believes falling apart and then recovering can happen to any team, particularly in one-day cricket, as things can change quickly due to the limited number of overs available. Being able to win a Test match, however, requires much more patience, skill, strategy, tactics, stamina and fitness, due to the two teams having the chance to bat twice. There are second chances in a Test, unlike in one-day cricket.

Classic cricket matches, according to Liam Hauser, cannot be discussed without mention of the first tied Test, which featured Australia and the West Indies at the Brisbane Cricket Ground in December 1960. The historic Test fluctuated many times, as each team took it in turns to dominate while the contest was even at other times.

The book is sure to bring back some of the most emotional events to have taken place in the history of Test cricket. Whether it is the Ashes or other memorable matches against some of England's greatest rivals such as the West Indies, India, Pakistan or South Africa or for that matter India vs Australia Tests, India vs Pakistan Tests and Australia vs South Africa Tests, this is a fantastic celebration of cricket.

This is Liam Hauser's second book. Passionate about cricket since childhood, he has written for several newspapers, covering sports including rugby league, rugby union, tennis, gymnastics, golf, rifle shooting and archery. However, cricket remains his first love.
Attractively laid-out and logically organised, the book is a superb production indeed. The feature of the book is its outstanding collection of photographs, taking it to another level of excellence.